Period poverty would have had a more reasonable solution had health been made a basic right in the constitution, said opposition leader Sajith Premadasa.

Advocata Institute found in 2021 that half of the 5.3 million females in the 15-49 age group suffer from this deficiency, said Premadasa.

He was speaking at a meeting held at Miraj Hotel in Wellawatte to mark world menstrual hygiene day.

Period poverty is a term used to describe a lack of access to proper menstrual products and the education needed to use them effectively.

Stressing that these products have a direct impact on menstrual health, Premadasa noted females are denied life’s success without them.

It also leads to cervical cancer and adversely impacts girls’ education, he said.

He went onto say that he was criticised for raising this issue during the 2019 presidential polls.

There should be ready availability of water, sanitation and other health requirements for proper period management, said the opposition leader.

Between 33 pc and 35 pc of the women’s workforce in factories too, don’t have access to such facilities, he added.


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